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Cheerful smiling child at the blackboard. School concept

– Giới thiệu đến anh chị thiết kế khoảng 448.851 tấm ảnh về chủ đề trẻ em ngồi học tập, bao gồm ảnh chụp, ảnh thiết kế vector file .AI , EPS , một số hình ảnh vector , ảnh stock về tết 2017 ( ảnh new year 2017) tuyệt đẹp từ shutterstock tại thời điểm tháng 10/2016 trong số hơn 448.851 tấm ảnh về chủ đề trẻ em ngồi học tập được update tại .. >>

– Tất cả các file có định dạng JPG hoặc EPS , nếu là ảnh EPS sẽ có hỗ trợ tách lớp layer để bạn dễ dàng chỉnh sửa . ở đây tôi đưa ra một số mẫu hót nhất trong từ khóa Children learning . Bạn có thể tham khảo thêm  448.851 tấm ảnh về chủ đề trẻ em ngồi học tập  tại đây

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Portrait of cute schoolboy drawing at workplace among his classmates


Cheerful smiling child at the blackboard. School concept


Portrait of two diligent girls looking at camera at workplace with schoolboys on background


Profile of little African girl writing  at home.


education, elementary school, learning, technology and people concept - group of school kids with tablet pc computer having fun on break in classroom


A studio photo of a childs table and chair


Classmate Educate Friend Knowledge Lesson Concept


Smiling black girl using a laptop at home sitting reading information on the screen with an absorbed expression and a smile of pleasure


Girl studying at school looking very happy


Cute little girl studying at the library and smiling


Asian young girl read a book


Group of cute little preschol kids drawing with colorful pencils


education, school, art and painitng concept - little student girl showing painted hands


Happy Asian school child girl love heart shape hair on green board/ chalkboard background with freehand doodle: Smiling female little future children scholar on chalk blackboard backdrop drawing idea


Portrait of little Asian child thinking and put a book on top with copy space


Happy siblings looking at a jar on a sunny day


Elementary Pupils Counting With Teacher In Classroom


Cheerful smiling child at the blackboard. School concept


Teacher working with elementary school girl at her desk


A group of school children can be seen working on digital tablets and whiteboards, they are all working happily. Two unrecognizable teachers can be seen in the background.


Group Of Elementary Age Children In Art Class


Boy is having difficulties solving a mathematical problem on blackboard in elementary school


Children hands writing in copybooks, closeup


Happy little asian child girl wear eyeglasses reading book school background: Lovely cute young student kid opening flipping book in archive resource collection room: National library lover week




Go on an adventure! Happy family preparing for the journey. Mom and daughter study the map and choose a route of travel.


Happy little boy playing in the park with snail at the day time. He having fun on the garden. Concept of the kid is ready to go to school.


kid girl and mom play with plasticine at home


Students in class volunteering for teacher


Little serious and lonely child Girl sitting and looking on tablet laptop


Teacher with kids in biology class learning about plants


Creation Ideas Light Blue Imagination Arts Development Concept


Children Kids Education Learning Cheerful Concept


Young boy moving a white pawn during a chess game on an outdoor chess board, seen from above


Learning Fun Childhood Imagination Education


Elementary Pupil Reading With Teacher In Classroom


Cheerful kids learning in school classroom


girl trying to read a children's book


Portrait of lovely schoolgirl looking at computer keyboard while typing


teacher and girl at laptop (horizontal)


Group of children enjoying reading together


Learning Study Knowledge Education School Concept


Black girl sitting playing on a laptop computer at home looking at the camera with a joyful expression of amazement and wonder


Teaching kids. Attractive cheerful young female teacher smiling watching her young student doing assignment on the lesson school classroom teaching learning education happiness childhood concept


Cute little child play with book and glasses while sitting at table, isolated over white


Family Spend Time Happiness Holiday Togetherness


Mixed race school children writing on chalkboard.


Portrait of cute girl and her mother reading a book at home


Happy little boy exploring nature with magnifying glass at the day time


happy asian mother teach her daughter how to saving and calculate money everyday in the living room at home. family activity concept.


Young boy sitting in a bin of soil transplanting a pepper plant inside a greenhouse


Chinese mother homeschooling her child teaching her daughter to write


Bedtime Story




little boy reads a book


Father learn his little son to ride a bicycle


education and school concept - little student girl studying at school


Intelligent group of young school children all raising their hands in the air to answer a question posed by the female teacher, view from behind


children learn in school. training students, classroom


Young schoolboy does some notes with pen on the sheet of paper


Children learning writing together in preschool with nursery teacher


Children playing with blocks on the floor - focus on the boy's face


Adorable kid playing on his table with watercolors, painting a wooden parts of his airplane wooden toy. He is young designer with many ideas waiting to be found. Very shallow depth of field.


Overhead view of little girl learning the alphabet using coloured crayons


Happy Asian girl kid child raising hands holding green globe go green bio chalkboard with pink hand drawn map background: World literacy concept CSR: Elements of this image furnished by NASA


Group of kids sit in the field with magnifier


Globe and Japanese boy (first grade at elementary school)


Happy Little Asian child reading a book outdoor


Happy children in primary school.


Happy family. Mother and daughter together paint. Adult woman helps the child girl.


Cute little girl is showing letter E on the alphabet in preschool


Children learning to read with nursery teacher in preschool


Children by blackboard


Happy children in primary school.


Father teaching his son to ride a bike


Asian kids enjoyed cooking


A young boy child is looking at a laptop computer with math, science and animals around him. He is on a white background. Use it for a school, study or learning concept.


The asian family mother teaching children bicycle at the park


Father Daughter Bonding Cozy Parenting Education Concept


Studio Shoot People Portrait Concept


Stickman Illustration of Kids Riding a Magical Flying Book


Small boy playing in glasses reading book. Flat style vector cartoon illustration isolated on white background.


Happy family in nature


Young woman playing with girl


education, elementary school, learning and people concept - group of smiling school kids sitting in classroom


Baby playing with abacus toy. Concept of early learning child


child girl reading a book in bed before going to sleep


Male Student Working At Desk In Chinese School Classroom


Portrait of happy diligent pupil looking at her classmate at lesson


Mother holding hands of her son making first steps


Father and son learning to ride a bicycle. happy toddler boy riding bike. Kids enjoying a bicycle ride. Active toddler. Sport concept.


Side view of pupil using tablet pc in classroom at elementary school


Father help his son learn to ride bicycle


asian boy holding magnifier


School set books, rulers, pencils, pen and eraser.


Older brother is helping his little brother with his maths homework


A Group of students outside at school standing together


Children at computer terminals with teacher in background (depth of field/high key)


education, science, technology, children and people concept - group of happy kids or students with tablet pc computer programming electric toys and building robots at robotics school lesson