27.661 tấm ảnh tiêu biểu về món ăn truyền thống của Việt Nam

Vietnamese food. Linear graphic. Top view vintage illustration

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Preparing Vietnamese rice noodles, with beef and other materials


che, vietnamese cold sweet dessert soup


Vietnamese culture food but in Thai food restaurant be different original for Thai people


Vietnamese Traditional Food- soup containing rice vermicelli and chicken.


Top view of a delicious Vietnamese chicken rice pot made of rice, chicken, mushroom, sausage served in hot clay pot on wooden table background. Copy space


B�² Kho â�� Vietnamese Beef Stew


spring rolls with vegetables and chicken on a plate


'Phin' traditional Vietnamese coffee maker, place on the top of glass, add ground coffee then pour hot water and wait until the coffee dripping into the glass with condensed milk at the bottom


Fish balls in curry sauce on a plate with fresh herbs. top view of a horizontal


Fried spring rolls surrounded by ingredients


Asian street food. Traditional spring rolls in vietnamese night market


Vietnamese food. Linear graphic. Top view vintage illustration


Fresh Vietnamese style food set , Grilled pork with vegetables and wrapping flour


Typical Vietnamese food?"summer roll"


Vietnamese Pho Bo soup served in vintage oriental bowl with chop sticks, seasoning and greens on background


Rice paper rolls with prawns and dipping sauce


Bahn Xeo, Vietnamese crape


Nham due, Vietnamese food


Overhead view of boat noodles in bowl with chopsticks and soup spoon. top view.


A bowl of Traditional Vietnamese beef soup Pho Bo at the dark old wooden background. ethnic meal. Vietnamese food concept


bittermelon and meat ball


Vector flat illustration of thai, vietnam, philippines national dishes. Salads and meat meals with sauce and spicy ingredients.Rice, noodles, straches, papaya, salad, paste, sauce ingridients.


Preparing Vietnamese rice noodles, with beef and other materials


Beef meat rice noodle pho soup on wooden table


Set of Vietnamese food doodles. Hand drawn outline vector.


Salad spring roll of Asian wind prawns


Prawn in vietnamese food on table top view


Asian farmer market selling fresh fruit and vegetables in Vietnam. Pepper, lemon, lime and onion. Green, red and yellow colors.


deep fried spring rolls


Rice paper rolls with shrimp and beanshoots.


Vietnamese food. Linear graphic. Top view vintage illustration


eating with instant wheat noodlesl


Beef rice noodles (Vietnamese cuisine called Bun Bo): a popular Vietnamese soup containing rice vermicelli and beef


noodle and rice thai food


Spicy Thai herbal roll noodle on dish close up.


Vietnamese Noodles with Shrimps and Pork Ribs


Confinement and comfort food - Chicken Porridge with slice fried dough stick. top view


Vietnamese food.


Pho Bo Sot Vang - Traditional Vietnamese Beef Stew Rice Noodle Soup


Fresh spring rolls wrapped in rice paper


Asian Fusion appetizer plate, with Tempura, Shrimps, Spring rolls and spicy chicken


Pho Bo - Traditional Vietnamese Beef Noodle Soup


Vietnamese food banner collection. Linear graphic. Vector illustration


Vietnamese brown noodle street food


BANH CUON Fried Shrimps wrapped Boiled shrimps BANH CUON PHO white noodles with pork soup, Vietnamese food.


Bun Moc - Traditional Northern Vietnamese Rice Vermicelli Mushroom Soup


Vietnamese Food and Cuisine Menu Background with Local Dishes


Vietnamese woman in a straw hat on the beach selling fruit and reveals the coconut


beef noodle soup,beef noodle Traditional on a wooden background


Bun cha is a Northern Vietnamese noodle with grilled pork served with fresh herbal. Us President, Obama used to try this food in Ha Noi when visiting Vietnamese Capital in 2016.


Fried Chinese Traditional Spring rolls food


Fresh spring Roll, Vietnamese food on black background. Flat lay, top view. Salad spring roll and ingredients


set of decorative noodle soups


Instant noodles in white black on wood background, Top view, Asian meal on a table, junk food concept


Vietnamese food spring rolls


Amazing of Vietnamese food for Tet holiday in spring, it is traditional food on lunar new year: Banh chung, Boiled chicken, pickled onions, spring rolls ...


Vietnamese food ingredient board - ginger, chili, lime, spring onion, garlic, shallots, shiitake mushroom, mint, cilantro, coriander. All colorful spices make traditional asian food more delicious.


Vietnamese pancake and side dishes - Traditional food at the middle of Vietnam


Vietnamese pancake and side dishes - Traditional food at the middle of Vietnam


pho,vietnamese beef noodle soup


Vietnamese food, rice roll with vegetable filling


Traditional Vietnamese beef soup pho on a wooden background


Vietnamese soup pho bo with asian noodles and beef meat


Fried spring rolls in Vietnamese food restaurant


Tet cake (Banh Tet) is a cake made primarily from glutinous rice, which is rolled in a banana leaf into a thick, log-like cylindrical shape, with a mung bean and pork filling, then boiled.


Sliced Vietnamese pork roll and celery on wooden cutting board.


Spring rolls on wooden cutting board with glass of beer in soft focus on wooden table in restaurant. Close-up view.


Chop pork and vegetables, seafood sauce, concept of vietnam food


Vietnam travel infographic set with map flag and mountains flat vector illustration


Pho - Traditional Vietnamese beef noodle soup


vietnamese food " banh cuon"


Fried spring rolls surrounded by ingredients


Ice coffee in a tall glass with cream poured over and coffee beans on a grey stone background


Asian street food. Traditional spring rolls in vietnamese night market


Chicken soup


Taste of Asia logo template design. Vector illustration.


Grilled Shrimp entree with Roasted String Green Beans and Avocado Corn salsa


Traditional Vietnamese chicken soup (Pho ga) on a wooden background


veg roll in brown ceramic bowl with mint leaf, isolated on red wooden background, top view


Slices of uncooked tofu and green leaves of fresh spinach on cutting board


Rice paper rolls with prawns and dipping sauce


Classic vietnamese food - noodles with meat and vegetables.


due Nham vietnam food more vegetable and grilled pork on wood table


Thai noodle.


Fresh vegetables and spices at vietnamese street market, Vietnam.


Mui Ne, Vietnam - Mar 19, 2016. A woman cooking street foods in Mui Ne township, Phan Thiet, Vietnam.


Fresh vietnamese spring rolls on a plate with salad


Roasted silkworm pupae on a market in northern Vietnam


Set of Vietnamese food and icons doodles, vector


Rice paper rolls with chicken and dipping sauce


Vietnamese food. Linear graphic. Top view vintage illustration


Women selling flowers in the early morning in a small market, Hanoi, Vietnam. Life of florist vendor in Hanoi, Vietnam.


fresh nem rolls with shrimps ingredients isolated


Spring rolls with vegetables and chicken


Vietnamese saleswoman at the market


Street food at a small local market, Dalat, Vietnam


Asian salad with rice noodles, beef and vegetables.


Boiled Thai rice vermicelli eaten with chicken Thai curries


vietnamese food culture