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Environment change and global warming environmental concept as a scene cut in two with half showing a dead tree as a human head in pollution and the opposite with healthy green clean air and plants.

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From the pipe water flows into the river, the lake, the sea. Environmental pollution, ecological catastrophe


Smoking pipes of thermal power plant against blue sky on sunset


Garbage on the river shore


water pollution environmental


deforestation environmental disaster


Environmental pollution.Industrial business.


The waste sorting trash bins by color.Recycling bins


Fire of gas burning from flare structure in oil refinery plant with blue sky


Pattern with seamless isolated environmental pollution elements garbage remedy danger radiation and recycling signs refuse bins vector illustration


Power plant with smoke and dirty orange air


Sick World needs help. Vector Illustration


Beach full of rubbish


Close up of human hand holding sprout. Elements of this image are furnished by NASA


Oil pollution


Man with hand making stop to environmental pollution


environmental pollution


Scientist or biologist wearing protective uniforms examining the liquid contents of a test tube. Ecology and environmental pollution concept.


Ecological problems: pollution of water, earth, air, deforestation, destruction of animals. Mills and factories. Forest landscape. Environmental protection. Vector flat illustration and emblems set


Waste water environmental pollution in city.


Fuel old tank


Global pollution


Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, Malaysia - March 20, 2017 : Garbage on the beach spoiling the  environmental pollution


young man picking up trash outdoor. close up


environmental pollution. Cigarettes. garbage


Portrait of recycling worker among garbage bags on the landfill


Environmental pollution


Environmental pollution.


Environmental pollution


Plastic pollution in ocean


 Severe fog and haze, power plants are the big chimney emissions along the Yangtze River in the eastern Chinese city of Jiujiang.


Poor quarter of residential buildings near a metallurgical plant. Concept on the theme of environmental pollution and poverty. Noise and grain are added deliberately by a special filter.


Nature contaminated by glass metal plastic waste
Discarded household garbage on the meadow
Environmental pollution and ecology problem concept.
Human health hazard concept.


Factory and waste water discharge Environmental pollution


Pollution and smoke from chimneys of factory or power plant


Pollution from power plant


FEBRUARY19,2017 ISTANBUL,SILE.Many kind of waste on the beach.Environmental pollution.


Landfill (plastic bottles) into the river. Environmental pollution.


environmental pollution duck grocery cart


FEBRUARY 19,2017 ISTANBUL Many kind of waste on the beach.Environmental pollution.


An accident on an oil pipeline. An oil spill around the pipeline.
Environmental pollution.


Landfill domestic and man-made debris/The lack of technological culture/Environmental pollution


Asian boy wearing mouth mask against air pollution


Dead fish in dirty water


Environmental Pollution on the Beach in Thailand


A dead bird lying on rock floor alone as a symbol of nature destruction and environmental pollution


Illegal pollution environmental protection concept as a group of toxic waste with industrial smoke stacks shaped as a human hand in a handcuff for polluter justice with 3D illustration elements.


Environmental pollution


Wipe out city against pollution, Hand Drawn Sketch Vector illustration.


environmental pollution - research


Dead fish in polluted ocean. Pollution environmental problem


Ecological concept image. Father with son looking on chemical plant emissions at sunset time


Recycling ideas and environmental garbage management solutions and creative ways to reuse waste as old paper glass metal and plastic bottles shaped as a human head as a symbol for reusable thinking.


Waste water industry.


Industrial destruction. Smoke and smog from a manufacturing plant. Environmental pollution of the industrial city, smoking chimneys of factories.


environmental pollution


Very polluted beach


Hot steam from big chimney


Water running in to a water stream from a sewer


Waste into the river, pond. Environmental pollution. Linear round icon


Pollution conservation hope environmental concept as a leaf shaped as a butterfly on an old dirty petroleum oil can with industrial urban pollution landscape with 3D illustration elements.


leaves in water, waste water pollution garbage floating on the surface of the water. Water pollution with dirt and leaves tree garbage floating on the surface of the river


garbage polluting the natural environment, pollution, nature series


Very polluted beach


Pump jack and wellhead in the oilfield situated in the beautiful winter forest. Environmental pollution. Oil and gas concept.


Recycling concept. Green leaves on a wooden background around the transparent plastic bottles. The problem of ecology, environmental pollution.


Recycling concept. Tablet wooden background around the transparent plastic bottles. The problem of ecology, environmental pollution.


Environmental pollution, ecology concept. Tube with smoke over the city in a drop of water. Bitmap copy.


Unlegal dump near forest. Devastation of nature with rubbish


environmental pollution


environmental pollution on the beach. Waste pipe or drainage polluting environment. Birds drink waste water


Burned wood ashes background.Cinders of wood pile and tree.Look like snow.Ashes and cinders from wood and waste burning.Air pollution.Environmental pollution concept.


industrial background concept of environmental pollution


A rescue worker wears a respirator in a smokey, toxic atmosphere.  Image show the importance of protection readiness and safety.


Background with burnt grass ashes. Plant ash and first green sprouts on the field after the fire burned.  Environmental pollution.


Contamination of lake. An environmental problem


Environmental pollution problems. Open pit mining of copper ore


Leaking oil barrel wasting nature


Environmental pollution: Plastic bottles that a river brings into the Mediterranean Sea (Italy, September 2016)


water pollution environmental


coal power station with emissions


Environmental pollution caused by used engine oil from a workshop by the roadside.


Globe ,earth in human hand, hand holding our planet earth glowing. Earth image provided by Nasa


environmental pollution


man wear mask for air pollution, asian


Transport workers are carrying sludge treatment system through a rolled sheet to take to eradicate the plant.


Factory chimneys on the sunset


Abstract scene of the power plant factory with the lighting effect.The multi exposure effect of power plant factory with the lighting


Soil pollution with petrochemical products


Dumping truck


factory ecology tree environment graphic vector illustration eps 10


Power plant with huge smoke and electric towers


Effect of Global Warming on a city


Garbage with growing daisy under storm clouds


water pollution environmental


Power plant pipes with swirling smoke at sunrise. Environmental pollution. View against the sun.


 hot steam from big chimney


water pollution environmental


The offshore oil rig in the gulf of Thailand.